sharkcz (sharkcz) wrote,

Multi-arch solution for scanning

You might know that I am using a Power9-based Talos II system running Fedora as my primary workstation not only for my job's duties. One of the few issues I had on this path is that my multi-function printer (Brother DCP-9020CDW) requires a binary driver for scanning (naturally provided only for x86-based systems). I have worked that around by using the "scan-to-a-network share" feature of the printer/scanner, but being able to use a local application for scanning documents would be nice. Then sometime during last week I have noticed that a package called sane-airscan has been updated in Fedora 32. I have checked what it is about and when I saw "Apple" and "Windows" names, then I became skeptical. But I couldn't be wrong more :-) Both Apple and Microsoft developed standards for accessing printers and scanners over web services and the list of devices supporting these standards is pretty large and includes also my printer/scanner. The sane-airscan project provides an open implementation of the protocol for SANE and then it was matter of running airscan-discover, updating the SANE config file and I can scan documents using the simple-scan application.

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